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New online software gives pre–high school students access to test preparation.

Practice Planet software targets K–12 students, offering practice on the full range of math and language arts skills necessary to excel on high-stakes exams. Customized by grade and state curriculum standards, this online offering also helps younger students get comfortable with the testing format.

The product includes a pre-test, targeted skill segments, game rewards, and a post-test. Addressed skills are comprehensive for each grade level. For example, for eighth-grade language arts there are more than 30 skills to practice—from capitalization and punctuation to literary devices—with 10 questions per topic. Targeted skill segments offer feedback and explanations…with hints when users answer wrong and praise when they're correct, plus the added reward of a shot at online pinball or air hockey.

The teacher's home page is a useful time-saver in terms of preparation, scoring, and data analysis. It provides instant access to individual test scores and whole class test summaries, and has management features allowing educators to make class assignments, set game parameters, and choose the frequency and minimum score necessary for rewards.

Bottom line: the repetition is particularly useful for some skills, the explanations provide effective reinforcement, and the game rewards offer good motivation….

Technology & Learning, September 15, 2007


"When students enjoy an activity such as PracticePlanet, teachers may employ that activity in many ways to hone students’ skills. One teacher may choose to include PracticePlanet activities as a literacy center during the Reading block, while other teachers use PracticePlanet as a Math center during Math block. PracticePlanet is the perfect tool to help students review previously taught skills regularly so that students internalize learning and build on foundations already mastered. Its teacher-friendly reports show what skills students have mastered and what skills students have left to master. Teachers have the ability to control the length of tests, practice time, and game time. It is a time-saving tool for instructors whose day is packed with instruction. "

"Since PracticePlanet is web-based, teachers also report that students are actually practicing skills for longer periods of time through the accessibility from home. Students voice that learning is fun! Imagine that?"

Wanda Conner
Coordinator, Elementary Education
Columbia County Schools, FL

"...(PracticePlanet) is so nice because it gives the kids immediate feedback. They know right away what's right and what's wrong."

Debbie Eitner
Tech Coordinator
Monroe Middle School
San Jose, CA